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of our Wines
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"Tradition and Modernity", two key words of wine, living in perfect harmony for optimal quality of each vintage. Indeed, practices have remained unchanged for generations, with respect for the terroir, soils that yield the richness of these appellations.
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These practices are now complemented by modern techniques and equipment that ensure consistency and quality across vintages. <b>White Winemaking</b> Sorting begins in the vineyard on a sorting table positioned in the vineyard being harvested. Upon arrival at the winery, the grapes undergo a long-pressing at low pressure (pneumatic press) to extract only the best juice. This is then followed by a very light settling to eliminate the gross lees. The juice is then racked into barrels, in very cool cellars, where a long, quiet fermentation takes place. The barrels are topped up and brushed clean every week for optimal sanitary conditions. After 12 months of ageing, with malo-lactic fermentation complete, the wine is racked and stored in stainless steel tanks for an additional period of six months to bring the wine maximum freshness and age ability. According to the vintage there is then a very light diatomaceous earth filtration and bottling. <b>Red Winemaking</b> As with the white grapes, the selection of the harvest begins in the vineyard on a sorting table. 100% de-stemming takes place in the winery to limit to the maximum vegetal aromas. The grapes are left whole, however, thanks to a slow de-stemming that leaves virtually all the grapes intact. There is a five day pre-fermentation cold maceration followed by a 10 to 15 day fermentation. At the start of fermentation there is punching down and pump-overs with the spraying of juice across cap which keeps the seeds at the bottom of the tank neutralizing any risk of bitterness. After fermentation, the free run wine and press wine are separated and then put into barrels for 18 months. During this period malo-lactic fermentation is completed. The wine is then racked and placed in stainless steel tanks for a period of approximately two months. The wine is bottled without fining or filtration. Development of light sediment in the bottle in no way affects the quality of the wine.